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    A square,that puts people in touch with their history and future.

    Postplatz – named Wilsdruffer T(h)orplatz until 1865 – is for Dresden what Potsdamer Platz is for Berlin: a central transport hub and a centre of urban life. Situated right across from the Zwinger palace, it serves as a gateway to the historic town centre with its numerous sights.

    Next stop: PostplatzPostplatz - Facts & Figures

    • 7 out of the city‘s tram lines, 1 bus line and 2 night tram lines frequent Postplatz.
    • 6 tram lines branch out from the square
    • 24/7 operation
    • 35,000 commuters per day
    • large-scale planning changes to the square since 2005
    • 2018: Completion of the building project HAUS POSTPLATZ
  • No way around
    this square in Dresden.

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    A square,of which you will never tire.

    Postplatz counts among the most highly frequented and most recognisable places in Dresden. The heat map shows the number of images shared in social networking websites Postplatz as most important transport hub in the heart of the tourist town marks the entrance to the historic inner city.

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    A NEIGHBOURHOODof rich potential.

    At Postplatz, the historic side of Dresden combines with modern architecture. In conjunction with the reconstruction of the historic square, a number of exciting new projects for urban dwelling, living and working are being created in the vicinity. Centre piece of this development: Haus Postplatz.

    Haus Merkur I+II
    MaryAnn Apartments

    Apartment complex based on the vertical village concept

    Residenz am Postplatz

    apartment building


    Combination residential/ commercial buildings

    Wohnquartier am Postplatz

    Combination residential/ commercial building